Associates who are, or were involved directly to carry out lessons, or gave their contribution to the Laboratory development:

Prof. Borislav Jeftenić PhD, working in the Laboratory from its foundation, created the most of laboratory training lessons and guided their realization. Till now, he has written three Practicums for Laboratory tests of electrical drives, and one for laboratory tests for Control of electrical drives. Laboratory is still under Prof. Jeftenić professional guidance.
Prof. Vladan Vučković PhD , has given a great contribution to the Laboratory foundation. He has created the first laboratory tests with computer simulations. Prof. Vučković has passed away in 2006.
Prof. Milan R. Todorović, on whose initiative the first Laboratory equipment was provided. Some parts of that equipment are still in use. Prof. Todorović has passed away in 2010.
Milan Bebić PhD, Docent, from the final exam until now, constantly employed in the Laboratory. He is one of the most deserving persons for the Laboratory today’s image.
Leposava Ristić PhD, Docent, after completed master studies in the 1999, she is involved in the Laboratory work.
Dragan Jevtić B.Sc., is employed as an engineer in the Laboratory. After completed final exam in the Laboratory, he continued  hard work in it, till now.
Saša Štatkić, PhD, Professor on power department on Faculty of Technical Sciences, Kosovska Mitrovica .
Neša Rašić, B.Sc., involved in the Laboratory work from 2003.
Aleksandar Nikolić, PhD He is employed in the Nikola Tesla Institute in Belgrade.
Ivan Radojčić. Currently employed as an Oracle consultant (systems analyst) in Canada and USA. His permanent address is in Toronto, Canada
Zoran Nešić, M.Sc., currently employed in an research team at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.
Srđan Milosavljević, B.Sc., currently employed as a manager of an research team in the Nikola Tesla Institute in Belgrade.
Dejan Miljković, M.Sc., currently employed in an research team at the University Santa Clara,  USA.
Velimir Nedić, M.Sc., has received PhD at the University of Wisconsin, USA.
Miroslav Marković, B.Sc., has received PhD at the EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland .
Ivan Lukić, B.Sc., currently employed in Sauter, Belgrade.
Radovan Đorđević, B.Sc., currently employed in an research team in the Nikola Tesla Institute in Belgrade.
Predrag Ristić, B.Sc., currently employed as Sales Representative - Contractors and Designers in Schneider Electric, Belgrade.
Slobodan Avramović, B.Sc., currently employed in the firm Genex, Belgrade.
Vladimir Ilić, B.Sc., Currently employed as a Chief of Electrical Maintenance Department at Fabrika Hartije Beograd.

Ilija Mihailović, B.Sc., from graduate (march 2008) employed in the Laboratory for electrical drives  as project associate.

Milan Utvić, B.Sc., Department of power converters and drives.