About Laboratory


Laboratory for electrical drives is situated in two small and modest rooms  22 and 20, which are located in the Faculty basement.

Electrical drives laboratory tests for students of the forth year of Power Engineering Department and Control of electrical drives laboratory tests for students of the fifth year of the same department are holding in the Laboratory. Students from the Power Systems Department have their tests in the winter semester, 4 tests altogether, while students from the Power Electronics and Drives Department have their 8 tests in the summer semester.  There are also 5  laboratory tests for the Control of electrical drives.

 Throughout  laboratory tests students have opportunities to:

Beside laboratory tests, in the Laboratory are performed student projects within the exam, as a part of the Control of Electrical Drives course.  Students are able to extend  their knowledge in the field of electrical drives and control of electrical drives through experimental work.
As the field of electrical drives is studied in final years of Faculty studies, a great number of final exams are naturally performed in the Laboratory.  Many of these final exam studies helped to complete equipment for laboratory tests and made possible to perform them. 
Laboratory for electrical drives enables students of after graduate studies to practically, through experiments, extend their knowledge. Experimental studies in the Laboratory perform students from following subjects, at the after graduate studies:  Special chapters from electrical drives,  Dives with DC motors, Drives with AC motors and Multi-motors electrical drives.
Experimental parts of few master and doctor thesis are also completed in the Laboratory.
Beside great number of activities within student studies, a research work is also successfully completed in the Laboratory. Laboratory associates with the help of  students that are completing their final exams, students at the after graduate studies and doctor studies, research contemporary drives and develop new concepts of drives and control of electrical drives.
Laboratory associates carried out one Innovation project and one Strategic technological project under the Ministry for science and technology support. Also, activities are nowadays ongoing on the project within the Group of strategic energy efficiency projects, under the support of the Ministry.
Sticking to the motto that „the practice is perfect arbiter of achieved knowledge”, Laboratory associates pay great attention to problems from practice, within the cooperation with other working organizations and firms, dealing with projects of complex drives, either new ones or within the revitalization of  existing. All of these projects are generally fully completed, which means, starting drive into operation.  Among these activities, Laboratory associates are dealing with particular, unusual and complex problems from engineering practice, in the field of industrial processes, automation and control systems, power electronics, etc. Laboratory has good cooperation with many firms, but it is necessary to emphasize Danfoss, Board factory „UMKA, and R.D.A.&Co., that are also great Laboratory donors, both in equipment and finances.
Beside precious experience and knowledge achieved this way, cooperation with organizations out of Faculty helped equipping the Laboratory in the hard times, too.