Chronology of Laboratory for electrical drives development


The first Laboratory equipment was supplied in the 60's of past century, on prof. Milan R. Todorović initiative, but unfortunately, advanced steps were not possible to perform, these days.  A new initiative for Laboratory foundation again comes with prof. Vladan Vučković 1985. Under favorable conditions, as well as prof Vučković intercession, still one room, for the Laboratory needs  was provided at that time, so serious work on Laboratory foundation had been enabled. Soon, 1986., prof. Borislav Jeftenić, teaching assistant at that time, has demonstrated first lessons for students of the fifth year of Faculty studies. First laboratory training lessons were held in the Laboratory for electrical drives in 1987. under the guidance of prof. Jeftenić. From that time till now, work is constantly continuing in the field of development, advancement and permanent modernization of laboratory tests, both in equipment and content. This development is based on the great enthusiasm of associates, first of all, those who are the Faculty employees, then honorary associates, final exam students, after graduate students, while the great part of necessary facilities, maybe the biggest, is provided trough the cooperation out of the Faculty, and with personal sacrifice of associates.