In the Laboratory for electrical drives, special attention is paid to practical work in industry. In the focus of these activities are solutions of complex, usually unique problems from the field of drives, than projecting, supervision and putting into operation of huge drives for special purposes. Development of prototypes and devices for industry and those who need them. Analyses, expertise and giving expert’s reports in the field of the Laboratory activities. Offering an expert’s opinion.

The Laboratory and its associates, who work there, derive multiple benefit from these activities.

Complex practical problems solving requires constant expansion and progress of knowledge.

These practical problems consideration enables teachers and associates, who work in the Laboratory, to improve their work with students and to give them better directions, with the purpose of collecting more usable knowledge in the field of electrical drives. In accordance with this, the cooperation which Laboratory has with company MIKA Engineering should be emphasized. This cooperation enables students to obtain practical knowledge and skills in the field of electrical drives and industry automation, as well as to extend their knowledge by solving practical problems in the area in which this company works trough term papers, bachelor and master thesis (more details...).

This kind of activity allows to solidly equip and to continuously improve the Laboratory equipment, even in periods when that was impossible to achieve in earlier common ways, from the Faculty finances. This was achievable in two ways, either with personal work and efforts of associates, or with donations of firms and persons who were involved in the professional cooperation with the Laboratory.

From donors, specially should be remarked  DANFOSS, R.D.A. Co. Belgrade and Board Factory „UMKA”. Also, Economic Association „Thermal Power Plants and Mines Kostolac” should be emphasized as a firm with excellent cooperation.